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How Microsoft secures its 365 platform

Microsoft’s Datacentre Security team provides an inside look at how it secures the 365 service and infrastructure.
By Jo Lo

Highlights from Microsoft's executive briefing

Pattern CTO, Jamil Geor, returns from a three-day technology briefing at Microsoft with invaluable insights.
By Jamil Geor

IA: Definition and best practices

What is information architecture (IA), and how do we nail it?
By Jo Lo

Maintaining high availability for your apps

Reliable applications are resilient. If and when they fail, they can continue to function with minimal downtime and data loss before full recovery.
By Jo Lo

Bay of Plenty Regional Council wins 2019 ALGIM Supreme Website award

Bay of Plenty Regional Council takes number 1 spot in this year’s ALGIM audit and wins the Supreme Website award.    
By Jo Lo

Agile, Wagile or Waterfall?

Depending on the nature and complexity of our projects, our teams use all development approaches: Agile, Waterfall and a bit of both.  
By Jo Lo

GraphQL scales and improves Netflix ad operations

To scale its global ad operations, Netflix built a dynamic ad creation and config platform using Java and Groovy-based microservices plus GraphQL.    
By Jo Lo

Ransomeware makes comeback in NZ and abroad

There has been an increase of ransomware attacks across the board, according to recent reports by CERT NZ and McAfee Labs.
By Jo Lo

NZ law firm introduces AI-powered contracts

New AI-powered tool provides law firms with significant time savings, speeds up legal work and frees lawyers to focus on higher value business needs.
By Jo Lo

Facebook to launch local government emergency alerts in US

Local governments in the US will be able to send emergency alerts through Facebook by the end of 2019.
By Jo Lo

More attacks against open source software

Recent open source software attacks saw backdoor applications slipped into libraries downloaded by hundreds of thousands of server administrators.  
By Jo Lo

Estonia works on an AI-powered government

Estonia kicks off AI-powered public service projects to prevent health and employment issues, rather than wait until her citizens ask for help.  
By Jo Lo

AI vs ML vs DL: what's the difference?

The difference between AI, machine learning and deep learning, plus taking a brief look at how Spotify applies all three.
By Jo Lo

Serverless rocks at Fender

Fender Play, a popular eLearning platform offering guitar and ukelele lessons, is benefitting from last year's move to serverless technology.  
By Jo Lo

Drones unite to boost farm efficiency

Drone swarms are part of advanced precision farming, working in sync to improve farm efficiency.  
By Jo Lo

Pros and cons of moving to microservice architecture

Thinking of moving to microservice architecture? Consider the advantages and disadvantages before you smash the monolith.
By Jo Lo

Will DARPA’s 10 million dollar voting machine be more secure?

DARPA’s voting machines recently tested at the world’s largest hacking convention won’t be ready for the US 2020 elections, but may be the first secure system developed.    
By Jo Lo

SAP initiative engages staff, produces world-beating ideas

The SAP 'One Billion Lives' initiative let five employee teams make pitches to solve business (and world) problems with technology; winner gets funding to develop their startup venture.
By Jo Lo

China leads the way in AI education

Education driven by artificial intelligence (AI) is booming in China, with machine-teaching platforms having greater success than their human counterparts.
By Jo Lo

Building design systems

InVision's six-part video series details product design at scale, providing tips for each step of design system implementation from planning to ongoing operational success.
By Jo Lo

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