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Welcome to our blog. Here we share our thoughts and articles on software development and the latest technology trends.


Digital leadership: adapting for the new normal

Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time for businesses to act, not react.
By Jo Lo
Digital strategy

Why Xamarin is our preferred mobile development platform

Whether it’s writing the code, finding bugs or maintaining apps, Xamarin is a great platform that can get mobile apps to market quickly.
By Jo Lo

Microsoft’s .NET 5 has arrived

.NET 5 – a new platform that unifies the .NET development experience across desktop, web, mobile, cloud, and IoT devices – has just been released.
By Jo Lo

Data protection and New Zealand's updated Privacy Act

On Tuesday 1 December, New Zealand’s 2020 Privacy Act comes into force. Our privacy laws have been modernised to fit in with international best practice and to reflect societal changes.
By Jo Lo

Identity management is critical for business

Providing access to a business tool or platform – and the IT function of identity management – are nothing new but the modern act of access management is complex.
By Jo Lo

Cyber threats now and beyond Covid-19

We take a look at the five types of cyber attacks that New Zealand has experienced recently, and the methodologies that hackers are using to boost their attacks going forward.
By Jo Lo

Building a digital marketplace

Whether you'd like to create the next Uber or AirBnB, we give you the ultimate guide to creating a digital marketplace, including the hours and costs involved in creating an MVP (minimal viable produc...
By Rowan Schaaf

Getting your head in the cloud

For businesses that wish to stay competitive, and meet with the demands of the hyper-connected online customer, the move to ‘the cloud’ is a necessity.
By Jo Lo

Why Umbraco is Pattern's preferred CMS

With over 12 years experience building websites on Umbraco, we have a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to rapidly deploying cost-effective solutions.
By Jo Lo

Securing data in transit with Azure

In this post we are going to talk through the different services and features available inside of Microsoft Azure that allow you to secure your data in transit.
By Jamil Geor

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