Big thinkers with a pragmatic mindset

We're a team of strategists, designers, and developers united by our passion for making things better. We are inspired by ideas both big and small, and relish the challenge of making the complex seem simple.

Pattern's co-founders Rowan Schaaf and Jamil Geor
Founders - Rowan Schaaf & Jamil Geor

An integrated design + development team

We understand that deep knowledge isn't gained quickly, and believe that our success is a function of the long term relationships we build with our clients, and free collaboration between teams.

Our values



We take the long-term view, understanding that deep knowledge takes time to develop. We therefore believe in an iterative approach to product development, delivering early and making continual improvements.



We work in an industry where one of the few constants is change. Embracing that, we encourage and nurture curiosity, allowing our people to challenge ideas and push boundaries to achieve exceptional results.



We are all measured by the value we create, by the positive influence we have on the world around us. It’s not enough for products to simply work; to fully serve their purpose we must build value for both creators and users.



Our people come from different backgrounds, with different experiences, and allow us to consider problems from a wide range of perspectives. This results in better products through insight and innovation.