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TR Group is a heavy vehicle leasing company with eight offices around New Zealand.

The company provides a range of services that include vehicle sales, maintenance, and driver training. TR Group's custom built ERP platform processes a significant amount of customer data on a daily basis. This includes invoice, maintenance reports, service requests, and training records. As part of TR Group's digital transformation journey, the company wanted to start building connections into this data to make things simpler for customers.


TR Group's biggest challenge was that its ERP and backend systems were not connected to each other. This means that staff would manually retrieve invoices, service reports and training records when customers requested these. Booking training sessions was also problematic. Under its MasterDrive brand, TR Group offers over 70 training programmes in 12 regions around New Zealand. Any changes to course availability were manually updated on the website, which was not only time-consuming but could lead to customers relying on outdated course information.


We understood a two-pronged solution was required. Firstly, customers needed to be able to access information on their own. Secondly, this access point needed to connect to TR Group’s existing systems to allow data to flow automatically between them.

Pattern helped us to validate ideas and test our thinking.
The end product is world-class.

Andrew Crabb - CIO

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