Easy Crypto Wallet

A mobile MPC Wallet for a new generation of crypto users.

The world of cryptocurrency can seem like a complex universe, especially for beginners. Reports of lost access to digital fortunes due to forgotten seed phrases are daunting for new users, so we set out to change that with Easy Crypto's new mobile wallet.

Initial product strategy workshops established a set of clear product principles that have guided development, and provided a framework for decision making along the way.

At the heart of it all, was the desire to make crypto accessible to a new wave of users, who just expect things to work.

The Product

We worked alongside Easy Crypto's internal teams, helping with UX and UI design, technical due diligence, solution architecture, development, and testing.

The result is a self-custodial wallet that supports unlimited sub-wallets and accounts, across multiple blockchains, with support for over 50 cryptocurrencies and tokens on launch.

It's a brave new world

As crypto continues to revolutionise the financial sector, ensuring ease of use and robust security is vital. We're excited to continue our work with Easy Crypto, helping to democratise access to the world of crypto, through technical innovation and amazing user experiences.

Janine Grainger | CEO