Unfocus your mind and unlock your creative thinking power in just two minutes a day.

Not all journeys need a destination. Sometime it's best just to Wander.

Set against the backdrop of a fast-paced world, we often overlook the importance of mental respite. Recognising the power and necessity of mindful breaks, Wander120 embarked on a mission to create a mobile application that enables users to trigger mental rejuvenation effortlessly.

Determined to create a digital oasis for brain recharge, they teamed up with us in designing and developing this science-based take on improving mental health, and creative performance.

Your go Everywhere mind-wandering partner

The premise of Wander120 is simple yet powerful: offering 120-second micro-breaks to let your mind wander and catalyse a mental refresh. These mindful breaks can be seamlessly incorporated into any situation - a morning routine, a commute, a moment of tranquility before sleep, or amidst bustling work hours.

A Blueprint to Serenity

Together our objective was to carve out a unique, user-friendly application that encourages individuals to regularly recharge their mental stamina. Our contribution spanned from workshop sessions, creating a brand identity, designing the intuitive UX/UI, and developing a cross-platform solution on .NET MAUI.

The Intersection of Simplicity, Accessibility, and Wellness

Our journey with Wander120 underscores the significance of simplicity and accessibility in crafting digital solutions for mental wellness. This collaborative success story also highlights how an intuitive UX, a resonant branding strategy, and efficient cross-platform development using .NET MAUI can deliver an app that serves as a digital retreat in our bustling lives.

As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate further collaborations with Wander120 as they persist in their mission to promote mindful breaks and mental wellbeing.

Anne Barrowclough, Founder - Wander120