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Securing data at rest with Azure

Securing your data at rest is one of the most fundamental things you can do to ensure that your data is protected from any potential threats.
By Jamil Geor

Improving your Azure Security score

Azure Security Center can ensure your Azure assets are configured securely as well as provide additional tools for monitoring and triaging security-related incidents.
By Jamil Geor

How Microsoft secures its 365 platform

Microsoft’s Datacentre Security team provides an inside look at how it secures the 365 service and infrastructure.
By Jo Lo

Ransomeware makes comeback in NZ and abroad

There has been an increase of ransomware attacks across the board, according to recent reports by CERT NZ and McAfee Labs.
By Jo Lo

Will DARPA’s 10 million dollar voting machine be more secure?

DARPA’s voting machines recently tested at the world’s largest hacking convention won’t be ready for the US 2020 elections, but may be the first secure system developed.    
By Jo Lo