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TR Group

Customer experience first

TR Group is New Zealand's largest supplier of truck and trailer leasing, hire, and sales. It provides a range of wrap around services including maintenance, refurbishment, and driver training.


The Challenge

Leveraging back-office systems

TR Group had invested heavily in their back office systems from CRM through to leasing and driver training systems. A significant amount of customer data is processed on a daily basis including invoicing, maintenance requests and reports, as well as training records.

As a customer focused organisation, TR Group wanted to leverage this investment in order to provide enhanced digital experiences for their customers across multiple touchpoints.



Website redevelopment

The first cab off the rank was a website rebuild using Umbraco CMS. The site is integrated with TR Group's vehicle sales system to render a catalogue of currently available units. Over time the platform was extended to house sister sites for TR Group's new Australian business as well as local rental business Elite Trucks.

Customer portal

MyTR was built to provide a self-service platform for TR Group customers, allowing them to locate and download invoices, view their fleet and contracts, and keep on top of scheduled maintenance. MyTR significantly reduces traffic into the company's call centre, allowing staff to focus on higher value work.

Driver training

TR Driver Training offers over 70 training programmes in 12 regions around New Zealand. An integration with TR Group's back office training management solution will deliver full booking and payment solutions along with integration for on-account users for a seamless training experience.

Health and safety

Managing the wellbeing of visitors to TR Group's sites is critically important. Our new contractor application allows users to check-in on arrival and keeps a track of the status of health and safety briefings and expiries to ensure visitors are full aware of risks and mitigations, and stay safe when on site.



A rapidly transforming digital business

TR Group understands that to stay at the top your have to stay focused not only on your core business, but on the experiences that you create for customers when delivering it. Continued investment in digital innovation is helping TR Group stay connected to customers, deliver ever-increasing value, and ultimately deliver business growth.