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How to write better user stories

User stories are an incredibly useful way to richly describe why we're building stuff. So why turn them into a lifeless list of features?
By Rowan Schaaf

Seven steps to writing a killer application brief

So you've got an amazing idea for your app but you're not sure how to start? Here's our guide to getting your thoughts and ideas on paper.
By Rowan Schaaf
Digital strategy

Azure Security Center Onboarding Guide

If you're not sure where to get started with Azure Security Center, this onboarding guide from Microsoft is a great place to start.
By Jamil Geor

Why cloud is the greener choice

Cloud computing provides environmental advantages in a time when climate change and global warming have become intertwined and urgent issues.
By Jo Lo

How AI will transform software development

There is huge interest in the application of AI in software development, with the demand for AI tools, apps and platforms growing alongside cloud adoption.
By Jo Lo

Azure DevOps streamlines software development 

At Pattern, we replaced Jira with DevOps in 2019, and found it to be a seamless way to build and release our websites and apps by covering the full development lifecycle.  
By Jo Lo

Pattern wins Westland District Council web development project

Pattern has won the pitch to modernise Westland District Council's website. Work has begun to revamp and improve the CX and digital experience.
By Jo Lo

Digital leadership: adapting for the new normal

Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time for businesses to act, not react.
By Rowan Schaaf
Digital strategy

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