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Improving your Azure Security score

Azure Security Center can ensure your Azure assets are configured securely as well as provide additional tools for monitoring and triaging security-related incidents.
By Jamil Geor

Scaling Azure to meet demand 

Three invaluable lessons we learnt when scaling SimTutor's online learning platform to meet Covid-19 demand.
By Jamil Geor

Useful government apps to download

We check out what government mobile apps are currently available, and found several that are super useful, including the updated NZ Covid Tracer app now that Auckland has returned to a second lockdown...
By Jo Lo

Got an awesome app idea? Put these 10 things in your development brief

Inventing a pioneering application is exciting, but where do you start? The first step is to nut out the details in a comprehensive brief - describe what the app is all about.
By Jo Lo

High demand for SIMTICS medical eLearning during Covid-19

Our client, SIMTICS – an extensive eLearning library for healthcare students and professionals – saw a massive jump in new customers in the United States during Covid-19.
By Jo Lo

Feature flags: considerations and benefits

When you wrap code with feature flags, it’s possible to test and fine tune new features and infrastructure in production, without impacting UI or the end users. 
By Jamil Geor

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