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Serverless rocks at Fender

Fender Play, a popular eLearning platform offering guitar and ukelele lessons, is benefitting from last year's move to serverless technology.  
By Jo Lo

Drones unite to boost farm efficiency

Drone swarms are part of advanced precision farming, working in sync to improve farm efficiency.  
By Jo Lo

Pros and cons of moving to microservice architecture

Thinking of moving to microservice architecture? Consider the advantages and disadvantages before you smash the monolith.
By Jo Lo

Will DARPA’s 10 million dollar voting machine be more secure?

DARPA’s voting machines recently tested at the world’s largest hacking convention won’t be ready for the US 2020 elections, but may be the first secure system developed.    
By Jo Lo

SAP initiative engages staff, produces world-beating ideas

The SAP 'One Billion Lives' initiative let five employee teams make pitches to solve business (and world) problems with technology; winner gets funding to develop their startup venture.
By Jo Lo

China leads the way in AI education

Education driven by artificial intelligence (AI) is booming in China, with machine-teaching platforms having greater success than their human counterparts.
By Jo Lo

Building design systems

InVision's six-part video series details product design at scale, providing tips for each step of design system implementation from planning to ongoing operational success.
By Jo Lo

Why serverless is revolutionary for product managers

Is serverless computing the future of product development/management? Find out how FaaS can solve project issues that include growing backlogs and increasing build complexities.
By Jo Lo

Programming language update: the good and the bad

Ruby and Objective-C becoming less popular according to US tech careers site, Dice, but there's the other side of the coin.
By Jo Lo

Latest SimTutor feature adds 360 degree richness to online learning

Pattern’s eLearning client, SimTutor, has released new functionality that supports 360-degree media.    
By Jamil Geor

Rebuilding Slack's desktop app from the ground up

While Slack's desktop app wasn't 'broken' in any way, its codebase was running into increasing issues that warranted a full reboot.
By Jo Lo

The world's most digitally connected countries

Nations that champion innovation, online services and digitally forward-thinking lifestyles are drawing expats from all over the world.  
By Jo Lo

Useful tips for ranking well in ALGIM's web audit 

If you're one of 78 local councils in New Zealand, you might want to check out our tips for ranking well in the annual ALGIM website audit.
By Jo Lo

Challenges to overcome for AI-driven customer experience

Whether your goals include creating a fully digital business, improving customer experience, or cutting costs, virtual agents and automation offer many benefits.
By Jo Lo

Google's new tool helps you ace developer interviews

Google's new online interviewing tool will help hiring managers quickly understand a candidate's software development skills.
By Jo Lo

New VR glove lets you grab digital objects

Korean engineers have designed a lightweight glove that can mimic the sensations of manipulating digital objects.
By Jo Lo

From pattern libraries to design systems: the benefits

A design system is built with a collection of reusable components that can be combined to build any number of applications – all this guided by clear standards.
By Jo Lo

How businesses should prepare for global internet

Elon Musk's SpaceX company plans to launch nearly 12,000 low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites in the next few years to provide broadband services across the entire planet.
By Jo Lo

AI and workplace automation

Business is undergoing a rapid transformative period as a new raft of technological advances become accessible to the masses. Read how AI and workplace automation is changing the landscape for good.
By Rowan Schaaf

The ethics of technology

If we’ve learned anything in the last 18 months, it’s that technology, much like US politics, doesn’t police itself. So how does business take a proactive approach to establishing ethical guidelines i...
By Rowan Schaaf

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