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SimTutor is SaaS software that helps organisations create procedural training. It is used for training in high-risk environments, such as the aviation, medical and electrical industries.

SimTutor is an easy platform for organisations to create, distribute, monitor, and report on training and training outcomes.

Our role

  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy
  • Content development
  • UX and UI Design
  • CMS implementation
  • CRM integration
  • Support


SimTutor required a platform built from the ground-up, but as a startup they needed to be able to continually refine requirements as they learned more about their customers . We therefore used Agile to deliver functionality over a number of sprints and releases, taking on user and market feedback along the way.


From the start, SimTutor were focused on delivering their application via a browser, without using plugins. Therefore users needed to be able to create content (including video), view simulations, and conduct site wide reporting - all within the browser, and without needing the permission or assistance of IT.

Pattern is more than a development shop. They're commercially minded, astute and flexible.

Dave Murdoch - CEO