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The Challenge

NZ company SimTutor required an online learning platform built from scratch to deliver training for complex medical procedures.

SimTutor was focused on delivering their application via a browser, without using plugins so that users can create content (including video), view simulations, and conduct site wide reporting all within the browser, and without needing IT permission or assistance.

As a startup, SimTutor also needed the ability to continually refine the platform’s features and requirements as the organisation learned more about its customers.

Our Role

  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy
  • Content development
  • UX and UI design
  • CMS implementation
  • Systems integration
  • Support and maintenance



Front End Development

Due to the emphasis on video manipulation, along with the requirement of a rich editing and user experience, we chose EmberJS for the front end. EmberJS provides fluid interactions and performance under load, and also utilises server side rendering to enable in-browser video editing.

Back End Development

The backend was built in .Net, with the solution hosted in Microsoft Azure, together providing a highly scalable platform that delivers content directly into the browser with no need for additional software or plugins.



Planning Tool

Lesson authors can use the planning tool to plan and create powerful lessons with an easy drag and drop tool. It lets you storyboard anything from basic simulations to complex branch scenarios, which allow students to fine-tune decision-making during training without the consequence of making the wrong choice.

360 Interactivity

Instructional designers can now use this feature to create lessons and simulations that provide even more realistic scenarios, by letting students learn in a truly immersive online learning environment. 360 degree content can be particularly useful in scenarios where the tutor is trying to build awareness of environmental factors in their simulations.


SimTutor lets instructional designers share, track and report on training a custom in-built Learning Management System (LMS).

SCORM Compliant

SimTutor is SCORM compliant and platform agnostic, meaning it easily integrates with most LMS platforms.

The Results

The SimTutor platform has today evolved into a leading eLearning tool used in over 90 countries world-wide. The SaaS solution makes it easy for organisations to create, distribute, monitor, and report on training and training outcomes.

It is currently used to deliver simulated and scenario-based training across many industries. The highest demand for the platform is within high-risk environments where staff can practise without injury, particularly in the medical, construction, aviation, logistics, and utility sectors.


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