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SimTutor is SaaS software that helps organisations create procedural training. It is used for training in high-risk environments, such as the aviation, medical and electrical industries. SimTutor provides tools for organisations to create, distribute, monitor, and report on training and training outcomes.


SimTutor required a platform built from the ground-up, but as a startup they needed to be able to continually refine requirements as they learned more about their customers . We therefore used Agile to deliver functionality over a number of sprints and releases, taking on user and market feedback along the way.

From the start, SimTutor were focused on delivering their application via a browser, without using plugins. This was driven by their understanding that getting software onto the desktop in larger organisations was a much bigger hurdle to negotiate as a startup. Therefore users needed to be able to create content (including video), view simulations, and conduct site wide reporting - all within the browser, and without needing the permission or assistance of IT.

The Solution

The original brief put a big emphasis on the manipulation of video, along with a rich editing and user experience. To deliver this functionality we chose EmberJS for the front end, helping to deliver fluid interactions and performance under load, and also utilised server side rendering, to enable in-browser video editing.

The backend is built in .Net, with the solution hosted in Microsoft Azure, together providing a highly scalable platform that delivered content directly into the browser, with no need for additional software or plugins.

The Results

Dave Murdoch, CEO of SimTutor had this to say, “Pattern is more than a development shop. They’re commercially-minded, astute and flexible. Their attitude is ‘how can we make this work’?

“They are talented and deeply capable across the spectrum of front-end and back-end technology, and if you’re looking for an organisation that makes an outsourced relationship easy, Pattern is the one to talk to.”

Pattern is more than a development shop. They're commercially minded, astute and flexible.

Dave Murdoch - CEO, SimTutor

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