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Microsoft Azure is a flexible, resilient and secure cloud platform that provides the tools and services to build, test, deploy and manage software applications on a global network.

Security with Azure
Scale with Azure


Scale your application as and when you need it using Azure's cloud computing platform.

Azure monitors usage spikes and will automatically adjust resources and scale your services to keep up with demand, and ensure applications run smoothly at all times.


With single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for users anywhere, Azure Active Directory provides centralised management and robust protection from cyber attacks.

Backup and recovery

Azure lets you define the frequency of your backup schedule, and can back up data on any operating system, from any location, and in almost any language.


Azure is the only cloud platform that offers bots, cognitive APIs, machine learning and blockchain services.

Cognitive Services lets you to build, retrain and improve machine learning models that run at the edge to deliver real-time insights.

Azure graphs

Cost effectiveness

Eliminate the need for on-site data centres, while tapping into almost limitless cloud computing power. Leverage enterprise class security, and global resources to scale your application quickly and safely.

When hosting applications on Azure, less time is spent managing infrastructure and more time on improving the apps. Azure does almost all the maintenance for servers, bug detection, software updates, and more.