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Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center is a security management system that protects your digital infrastructure by providing tools for advanced cyber threat protection, monitoring and triaging security-related incidents.

Security with Azure

Configure controls

Security Center continuously assesses whether your apps are optimally configured. Extensive logs are leveraged in the analytics and used to create alerts and recommendations.


Should any vulnerabilities get picked up, a report will be produced pinpointing exact vulnerabilities in your Azure infrastructure and given a score to help prioritise the required remediation.

The score is calculated by examining your Azure assets in the following areas:

  • Is your data secure in transit and at rest?
  • Has network access to your assets been restricted to only those who need access to them?
  • Have all your administration accounts been configured with the correct permissions?
  • Have you classified your data to identify what data is considered sensitive to your organisation?
  • Have you got sufficient logging enabled, to allow for any future incident investigations?
  • Has access to your Azure account been correctly restricted to only authorised personnel?
  • Are you monitoring for potential vulnerabilities inside of your applications?
  • Are threats actively being monitored and blocked?
  • Ensuring that you actively monitor your Azure Security score will ensure your cloud infrastructure is properly secured.

Strengthen your security

Security Center raises threat prevention recommendations that can be implemented across apps and services.

This includes managing and enforcing your security policies, and ensuring our Azure virtual machines, non-Azure servers, and Azure PaaS services are compliant.

Azure Security Center advanced threat protection

Protect against threats

Security Center's advanced protection detects and prevents threats at the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) layer, non-Azure servers as well as for Platforms as a Service (PaaS) in Azure.

The threat protection automatically correlates alerts in your environment to provide the full genesis of an attack campaign: where it started, and what kind of impact it had on your assets.

Streamline security management

Easily deploy and configure Security Center on large-scale environments, using policies and automation.

AI ensures quick identification of threats, streamlines threat investigation, and helps automate remediation.