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Government web platform

Pattern's Government Web Platform consolidates content management, customer experience and backend integration into one simple to easy-to-use, affordable solution.


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Customer experience platform

Pattern's iGovt platform provides enterprise class content management, with a range of integrations purpose built for local government.


Powerful content authoring

Our powerful content authoring experience will delight your content team, and help them to engage your communities. Based on Umbraco, our pre-configured solution provides authors with a range of layout options, along with numerous content objects to help keep content fresh and interesting. Integrations with Objective and SharePoint ensure that document versions are correctly rendered across the site.

Active Directory authentication

With Single Sign On, all site admins and editors can be managed via Active Directory, helping to ensure your site stays secure when staff depart. Community logins are managed using AD B2C, so you can have confidence in security and privacy.

Managing meetings, agendas, and minutes

Our centralised meetings solution helps your governance team stay on top of scheduling and documentation. Whether you choose the native interface, or the Google Calendar integration your team will be able to manage multiple calendars with ease.

Integration with SharePoint and Objective

Delivering version controlled documents to the web is now simple with SharePoint and Objective integrations. Lookup and add document links directly from your DMS repositories. Smart synchronisation services serve public documents directly from a CDN to reduce the load on your internal systems.

Advanced forms

Our Advanced Forms module makes it simple for content authors to build powerful, robust forms without any technical knowledge. Featuring multiple-step workflows, triggered events, and more, Advanced Forms empowers your editors, and helps you save on development costs.

Mobility platform

With ever increasing demands for mobility solutions, our platform provides the tools needed to develop dynamic content for mobile apps. Centralised content management makes it simple to keep content on a range of devices up to date at all times.

Managed Azure environment

We provide a fully managed hosting service on Microsoft Azure. Featuring multiple environments, utilisation optimisation, continuous integration, and a support plan to suit, let us take the worry out of managing your cloud services.



Artificial intelligence

Our solution integrates with Azure Cognitive Services, to help users find answers quickly and easily. Good information architecture can only get you so far, and that’s where an AI based chatbot steps in, answering questions in real-time based on the vast amount of data stored in your site.

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