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Medical eLearning company, SIMTICS, engaged Pattern over a six-month period to redesign and deliver its application user experience.A web-based application, SIMTICS helps students learn through reading, watching videos, exploring 3D anatomy models, and performing hands-on simulated procedures. 

SIMTICS screen

3D anatomy

3D reveals layers from the surface anatomy down to deeper structures that are relevant for the medical procedure explored. Students view images and explore human anatomy via 3D models, and select structures for further description.

Integrated simulator

SIMTICS' simulator lets students learn and perform simulated medical procedures in real-time. The application guides and teaches students through its rich medical library of modules that cover general medicine, dentistry, nursing, paediatrics, radiography and sonography.

Scenario-based planning

The app's planning view is useful for a host of procedures that benefit from visual planning and the need to create storyboards, then branch into complex medical scenarios quickly. Core advantages include the drag and drop functionality allowing for fast and easy visualisation of scenarios, the ability to switch between planning and authoring mode at any time, and automatic updates across all views when a change is made.

Dashboard and analytics 

The dashboard provides users with all-in-one analytics at a glance, making it easy to track progress. Students can easily access, view, and print detailed records of study time and scores in their personal logbook. They can also download reports and their Certificates of Completion.

SIMTICS quiz mode

Over 300,000 simulations run during Covid-19 lockdown

After the new UX implementation, user experience was vastly modernised and improved, making content more engaging than ever for users.  

Used in over 90 countries world-wide, the SaaS solution makes it easy for organisations to create, distribute, monitor, and report on training and training outcomes. 

In 2020, SIMTICS helped hundreds of US-based schools, colleges, and universities, as well as a government agency, to bring their classes online during the COVID-19 lockdown. More than 300,000 simulations were run through the Covid-19 period, providing approximately 100,000 hours of online learning.  



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