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The Challenge

Replatform TaxSnaps existing MVP onto Xamarin Forms to support iOS and Android and prepare to scale.TaxSnaps had already built their prototype application but recognised that they needed to deliver a cross-platform application. They didn’t want to go down the path of developing two separate applications, which is where Pattern stepped in, with a recommendation to rebuild the application using Xamarin Forms.

Our Role

  • Business analysis
  • Xamarin development
  • Support and maintenance

The Process 

Re-platforming to Xamarin Forms

The first step for TaxSnaps was to rebuild the application on Xamarin Forms so that future iterations of the application could be quickly and easily deployed for both iOS and Android. Once that was complete, the process of extending functionality became far simpler, given that both applications shared the same code-base.

Administration Portal

When it came time for TaxSnaps to widen their audience in 2020, we were able to extend functionality by adding in an admin portal so that a single admin user could administer multiple users of company credit cards.

Whereas the original version of TaxSnaps was focused very much on sole traders, the Administrator Account portal broadened the scope of the application and provided the tools needed for organisations to manage expenses centrally. Admin users are able to login, add new users, and view/analyse expense data in real-time.



  • Fast and simple expense receipt capture on iOS and Android devices.
  • Save and upload receipt images via phone camera.
  • Can be configured for both sole traders or companies with multiple users.
  • Automatically generate monthly expense reports in either PDF or Excel format, filtered by category and shared by download link.

The Results

TaxSnaps is a lightweight, easy to use expense tracking application for both sole traders and now, larger organisations.

“Our customers report that the ability to track credit card expenditure all in one place, whilst going paperless and freeing up physical storage, has been hugely satisfying for the,” Guy Anderson, TaxSnaps CEO.

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