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The Challenge

Create a platform that lets New Zealand property owners manage their rental properties and sort out rent arrears with just one click.

Lucie needed a solution for landlords who wish to self-manage, instead of relying on a property management service. The idea was an app that let owners stay on top of rent payments, maintain accurate rent records, and sort out rent arrears easily without the need for a property manager.

Our Role

  • Business analysis
  • UX and UI design
  • SaaS web portal
  • Support and maintenance

The Solution 


We came up with a cloud-based application that lets landlords track rent payments and manage tenancies.

The app is designed to give property managers peace of mind in that they are 100% updated on rents and payments that may have been missed.

The web-based admin portal gives the user access to a rental ledger (summary of rent) and notifies the user via push notifications when tenants miss a rent payment. The app helps to ensure rent payments are made on time, and puts the information at landlords' fingertips for easy access.



  • Accessible from mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Admin portal that stores all rental property information in one place
  • Users can add an unlimited number of rental properties 
  • Start and easily maintain a rental ledger by connecting to a bank feed and stay completely up-to-date with rent payments
  • Get push notifications for any missed payments
  • Send tenants a 14-day rent arrears notice (for a small fee)

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