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The Challenge

Rapidly pivot HealthCheck’s MVP to respond to the COVID-19 threat.

Originally conceived as a means for employers to get advanced notice of workplace related health issues, HealthCheck gained rapid traction in the immediate onset of the flu pandemic in 2020.

As the world went into lockdown, essential service companies needed a way to make sure employees weren’t coming into work sick. HealthCheck pivoted their application, which was initially focused on musculoskeletal injuries or pain, and added in a screening process for COVID-19.

Our Role

  • Business analysis
  • UX and UI design
  • SaaS web portal
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Support and maintenance

The Solution 


HealthCheck is a SaaS web application paired with a mobile app for end-users.  The web based admin portal provides employers with a view of their teams’ health and well-being across the entire organisation. It allows them to set up complex organisational structures including Locations, Departments, Areas and even Shifts, so that they can initiate check-in requests before staff head into the workplace.

Mobile users receive push notifications reminding them to complete both pre and post-shift surveys giving the business real-time feedback and the ability to mitigate the risk of having someone who is potentially sick coming into work.  The COVID-19 screening process assesses a number of symptoms and provides a risk score. Once the risk-score reaches a certain threshold the employee will be advised to stay at home.

HealthCheck SaaS app
HealthCheck mobile app



  • Support for multiple locations, departments and areas
  • Manage and assign team members to shifts
  • Assess symptoms and provide immediate actionable feedback to staff and team leaders
  • iOS and Android versions of app
  • Real-time dashboard for survey responses
  • Direct support for PowerBI to create custom dashboards

Discover the app

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