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Artificial Intelligence Primer

You’re probably already experiencing the benefits of artificial intelligence, although you may not be aware. Image recognition for example, is a common form of AI used on social platforms to help identify and tag friends. If you’re lucky ...

Blockchain Logo

What is Blockchain

By now you will have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum and possibly even tripped over the technology that supports them all - Blockchain. If you haven’t I’m a little jealous, because you’re probably also blissfully unaware of Facebook, Instagram, ...

Mobile Apps - What Do They Cost?

This is easily the question I hear most often, and as you might expect, is usually answered with "well, that depends". There are a huge number of factors that go into the estimation process however there are probably three that have the bi ...

Mobile Application Development

Native, Responsive, or Hybrid - what's the right approach to mobile dev?

There's a lot of information out there, but it's still difficult to understand how to get started when it comes to building a mobile application. You probably have a good understanding of your users, and potentially what they're looking fo ...

Xamarin Forms Screenshot

Setting up a ReactiveUI ViewModel

Introduction In this article, we will be setting up our first ViewModel to bind to the ListView that we created in the previous article. We'll be using the ReactiveUI framework for implementing our ViewModel and bindings. Installing React ...

Xamarin Forms Screenshot

Xamarin.Forms - ListView

In this article, we are going to setup the initial the article list page and set this up as our application's main page. Cleaning up Before we get started, let's remove the default page that Visual Studio setup for us. Creating a new p ...

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