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Why Umbraco is Pattern's preferred CMS


As a team, we've been working with Umbraco since 2008, and have always been fans of its flexibility and power. It's also open source and and built on the .NET framework which just happens to fit everything else that we do so - well awesome!

With a community of over 200,000 developers improving the platform, it's also an incredibly popular CMS that has gone from strength to strength in the 20 years it's been on the market.

Secure and stable

Being open source, Umbraco’s core code may be open and accessible to all, however, the platform is also very well supported and regularly tested to stay bullet-proof. Regular support includes six-monthly penetration testing to detect any vulnerabilities, and potential updates and patches to further secure the platform.

Smooth IT integration

Quite often, a myriad of IT systems would already be in place within organisations who seek to migrate their web app to a new CMS. It’s important for some businesses to be able to retain these other systems.

We find Umbraco makes it easy to integrate third party backend requirements that can range from email and chat apps to ERP, CRM and payment solutions. With Umbraco, we are able to bring unique and innovative applications to the table without disrupting the IT status quo.

Powerful CMS

With Umbraco, we can build gorgeous and responsive websites that are easy to manage in the backend. Whether the need is for a customised admin portal, content-rich government site, or online shop, we can develop custom plugins and extensions to enable a fully tailored authoring experience.

Content authors build pages using ‘components’ or content modules, rather than in a single structured form, giving them the flexibility to create distinct designs in different areas of a website. With such a powerful CMS, editors will find it a breeze to regularly whip up sophisticated and engaging content for their site visitors.


When businesses look at a potential partner for their web projects, they're not only seeking a CMS that's easy and intuitive to use, but one that can be rapidly scaled and remain stable based on requirements.

The scalability of Umbraco is an important factor for customers who may be building a brand across the globe, with the need to add further sites in multiple languages to the platform. Alternatively, a business could be running various promotional campaigns throughout the year. At these peak times, it is vital that the site is able to handle the increased traffic and transaction volume.

We manage scale by building our sites in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure allows us to create sites that are fast, stable and responsive on any device, no matter how busy a site gets, or how many sites need to be further added to a platform.


Umbraco isn't SquareSpace, so expect to pay a bit more for a fully customisable, enterprise-class CMS. However with over 12 years experience building sites on Umbraco, we do have a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to rapidly deploying cost-effective solutions.


By Jo Lo