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SIMTICS app redesign further enhances user experience

eLearning company, SIMTICS, has recently completed a major UX/UI redesign of its online learning platform.

The SIMTICS eLearning platform has been used in over 90 countries across the world to train healthcare professionals.

The SIMTICS platform, is a web based application that allows students to learn through reading and watching videos about different medical procedures, as well as performing hands on simulations, and taking quizzes to test their knowledge.

SIMTICS anatomy screens

Above: Anatomy screens on mobile during SIMTIC's app UX redesign.

General medicine, dentistry, nursing, paediatrics, radiography, sonography are core industries using SIMTICS' software platform. Lessons cover procedures that are both invasive and non-invasive, and this lets medics and students learn and master high-risk procedures in a safe manner.

In 2018 SIMTICS engaged with Pattern, to develop a new user experience for their key software platform.

"We overhauled the app design to vastly improve the user experience, with the goal being to modernise the experience that SIMTICS users were presented with," says Jamil Geor, CTO, Pattern.

SIMTICS new quiz mode

Above: New desktop quiz mode wireframes for SIMTICS's app redesign. 

"Students who use SIMTICS don't want to worry about learning how to use new software, it's really important to remember that the platform is just a way to deliver engaging learning content that will help students excel in their studies." 

"SIMTICS, has always had amazing user engagement levels inside of their platform, so we needed to make sure whatever we delivered was just as engaging. We took the opportunity to further enhance the user experience to give users better feedback as to how they were performing," adds Jamil.

The project took six months to deliver, and the feedback that SIMTICS has been getting to date is very positive.

By Jamil Geor
Jamil Geor

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Jamil Geor

Jamil is the co-founder and CTO of Pattern. Jamil has been developing software for the past 20 years for organisations ranging from start-ups to some of the world's largest brands.