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SAP initiative engages staff, produces world-beating ideas

Software corporation, SAP, recently held its annual "One Billion Lives" day for its employees, not to merely engage them for great ideas, but to produce clever applications that could improve the world.

The 1BLives initiative pitted five SAP teams against each other, with a chance to compete in the final competition.

The teams pitched to solve business problems with technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, and were seeking funding to develop their startup ventures.

Crowned winner was the ‘No Squid’ team focused on fixing improper food labelling to battle fraud in the food industry. Their idea utilised SAP Cloud Platform, but already, the team was considering blockchain to a distributed system to increase transparency with partners.

Check out the ideas from the runner-up teams:

The ‘AI for good’ team wanted to build intelligent image sensing to better inform first responders to natural disasters.

The Saving Lives team wished to develop an IoT-enabled device with simple display, temp sensor and a speaker to develop smart emergency exit signs for a safe evacuation path within a building.

The ‘Protecting the Forests’ team’s goal was to create a traceability solution for timber from the farm to the consumer.

The ‘Improving outcomes for children in foster care’ team aimed to digitise foster care and use machine learning (ML) to detect and mitigate risks. ML would become a virtual assistant for social workers.

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By Jo Lo
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