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Programming language update: the good and the bad

As new programming languages and frameworks take hold to sync in with new technologies, other once-popular languages fade away.

US tech careers site, Dice, has recently published their list of doomed programming languages, and the list includes Ruby and Objective-C.  

However you will find both these languages still feature in top 10 lists on sites such as Geeks for Geeks and Interesting Engineering.

Back in May, we posted on our Facebook page the 2019 top programming languages from Medium, with TypeScript, Python and Kotlin in the lead.

With such varied opinions on the internet, we consume these lists with a grain of salt.

We know Gen Y and Z programmers are true digital natives, they will Youtube away and armour up with languages that are simpatico with emerging technologies. 

And they will likely seek to work with technology and platforms that will let them build and shape the increasingly digital and connected world we live in. 


By Jo Lo
Jo Lo

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Jo Lo

Jo is a digital producer at Pattern. Jo has a background in communication, and has worked as a producer and editor for organisations such as Les Mills International, Tailor, Auckland Libraries and XtraMSN/Telecom. From 2007-2009, Jo was the web editor for Taste and Metro magazines.