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Why Xamarin is our preferred mobile development platform


Xamarin is a Microsoft open-source app platform for creating modern iOS and Android mobile apps, using .NET and C#. In this article we give you our top reasons for choosing Xamarin as our preferred mobile app development platform.


One tech stack


Xamarin uses the C# programming language along with the .NET framework to build apps for any mobile platform.


When we were choosing mobile dev tech, one of our requirements was the ability to share as much code across platforms as possible in order to optimise development time - and Xamarin is famously referred to as a “write once, use everywhere” platform.


Sharing core business logic is great, but it’s also possible to access platform APIs of iOS and Android from shared code and a single API. We can tap into a full ecosystem of plugins for Xamarin that moved away from platform specific code to a cross-platform API for developers to use. Xamarin.Essentials provides developers with access to core platform features such as sensors, connectivity, geolocation, secure storage, preferences, text-to-speech, and more.


Faster to market with Xamarin.Forms


One reason we can share code is because we use Xamarin.Forms, which we use to build visual elements with a native look and feel. Xamarin.Forms sits on top of Xamarin and allows us to create a single shared XAML user interface (UI) that uses that underlying platform to render native UIs, meaning we can release apps simultaneously in all stores and reach the market sooner.


More than just a cross-platform UI library, Xamarin.Forms is a full application framework that includes everything needed to build mobile apps. This includes cross-platform navigation, animation APIs, dependency service, messaging centre, two-way data binding, extensibility, deep linking, navigation and more.


Developers code the UI once and use this identical code for both Android and iOS. Over the years, Pattern has customised components and ready-to-use elements.


End-to-end integrations


Xamarin integrates with thousands of third-party libraries including Google Play services, Facebook, Google APIs for iOS. We could bring your favorite native iOS and Android libraries to Xamarin applications with "binding" projects.




Simplified testing and maintenance

We use Visual Studio to build our apps. The Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) lets our devs code, edit, debug, test, version control, collaborate and publish an app.

Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Test Recorder let us run automated testing on multiple real devices in the cloud, and find performance issues before the release.


In terms of maintenance, apps developed with Xamarin.Forms share code. Hence, when we update applications and fix bugs, we do it in the source code, and all changes are automatically applied to other solutions.




Developing apps across platforms is a highly complex task, and we love Xamarin for its scope and robustness. Whether it’s writing the code, finding bugs or maintaining apps, Xamarin makes development way more efficient compared with other platforms we have used.


When it comes to creating mobile apps, we find Xamarin to be a great cross-platform framework that offers a seamless end-to-end app development experience.


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By Jo Lo