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Pattern wins Bay of Plenty Regional Council web development project

Pattern has recently won the pitch to design and build Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s website.

Pattern is tasked with building a site that will help the council’s goal of becoming a top 10 government website in 2019. The rankings are determined by ALGIM as part of an annual review and takes into account usability, accessibility, interactions, and payments.

The project will be built using Umbraco, an enterprise class CMS, and will also consolidate the separate Council Projects website which facilitates community engagement around public works in the region.

The contract was awarded through the All-of-Government Web Services Panel, which Pattern was appointed to in 2017. Work commences in August 2018, and the site is planned to be live in December 2018.

By Rowan Schaaf
Rowan Schaaf

About the author

Rowan Schaaf

Rowan is the co-founder and CEO of Pattern. He has been involved in a number of technology start-ups, and has also held senior executive roles in both the technology, and technology marketing sectors.