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NZ law firm introduces AI-powered contracts

NZ law firm, MinterEllisonRuddWatts, is a major investor in authorDOCS, an AI-powered tool that can read, write and reason like a legal eagle when it comes to drafting and reviewing contracts.

Designed by McCarthyFinch, authorDOCS combines enhanced AI with a new sharing and data segregation concept for information security and confidentiality.

According to ZDNet, some tasks authorDOCS can handle include contract favourability review (to determine if each clause or section is in the client's favour); settlement insight (which extracts settlement values from thousands of agreements); and M&A insights (using past mergers and acquisitions to advise on transactions, including negotiations).

Some powerful time-saving features of authorDOCs include:

  • Helping you organise and find the right clauses to use at the right time during drafting
  • Letting you access a growing list of pre-loaded clauses, and inserting key clauses with a click of a button
  • Suggesting optimal clauses to use based on the document you're in
  • Identifying key issues in contracts that you need to be aware of, providing you with a checklist for assurance.

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By Jo Lo
Jo Lo

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