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Improving your Azure Security score

Azure Security Center provides a central way to ensure that your Azure assets are configured securely. It also provides additional tools for monitoring and triaging security-related incidents.

The Azure Security Center score is calculated by examining your Azure assets in the following areas:

  • Is your data secure in transit and at rest?
  • Has network access to your assets been restricted to only those who need access to them?
  • Have all of your administration accounts been configured with the correct permissions?
  • Have you classified your data to identify what data is considered sensitive to your organisation?
  • Have you got sufficient logging enabled, to allow for any future incident investigations?
  • Has access to your Azure account been correctly restricted to only authorised personnel?
  • Are you monitoring for potential vulnerabilities inside of your applications?
  • Are threats actively being monitored and blocked?


Ensuring that you actively monitor your Azure Security score, will not only ensure that your cloud infrastructure is properly secure, it will also help with any security compliance audits that you may need to undergo as an organisation.  

Azure Security Center can produce reports that can help you with the reaching your compliance/certification goals, whether it’s PCI DSS, SOC, or ISO27001.

It is a vital tool for any organisation that is concerned with the security of their cloud assets.

Over the next few weeks we will be producing a number of articles that will guide you through how to best configure your Azure environments to get the best possible score, and ensure your assets are properly secured.

By Jamil Geor
Jamil Geor

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Jamil Geor

Jamil is the co-founder and CTO of Pattern. Jamil has been developing software for the past 20 years for organisations ranging from start-ups to some of the world's largest brands.