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How businesses should prepare for global internet

Elon Musk's SpaceX company plans to launch nearly 12,000 low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites in the next few years to provide broadband services across the entire planet.Amazon also plans to launch over 3,000 LEO satellites.

Most regions not yet covered are low income, and business preparing for this ought to consider the following:

  1. As many of the billions of consumers will be from low-income communities, web and mobile applications should be accessible, and intuitive by design.
  2. Paygo models would get good traction in eCommerce because of #1.
  3. New markets will be dominated by a handful of global platforms - research in 2015 indicated that over half the Indians, Indonesians and Nigerians surveyed agreed with the statement "Facebook is the internet".
  4. A large portion gaining internet access may be illiterate, hence audio and video communications and apps will be key.

Read the full Harvard Business Review article.

By Jo Lo
Jo Lo

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Jo Lo

Jo is a digital producer at Pattern. Jo has a background in communication, and has worked as a producer and editor for organisations such as Les Mills International, Tailor, Auckland Libraries and XtraMSN/Telecom. From 2007-2009, Jo was the web editor for Taste and Metro magazines.