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High demand for SIMTICS medical eLearning during Covid-19

eLearning became the new normal during the Covid-19 pandemic as nations across the world moved their citizens into home bubbles, and students swapped classroom lessons for online learning.

Our client, Auckland-based SIMTICS, saw a massive jump in subscribers for its extensive library of healthcare based eLearning resources.  In a matter of eight weeks, we helped over 200 mainly US-based schools, colleges, and universities, as well as a government agency, to bring their classes online during the lockdown.

More than 300,000 simulations were run through the Covid-19 period, providing approximately 100,000 hours of online learning. SIMTICS’ systems are now processing over 100 million requests each month.

For educational institutions, the SIMTICS library – with over 170 modules available – can form part of the curriculum and empower students to learn clinical skills and procedures anywhere, anytime. Individuals can also subscribe for personal learning.

During the pandemic, new content such as the free infection control simulations covering hand hygiene and personal protective equipment protocols was created for healthcare workers.

Powered by SimTutor Author's content authoring software, SIMTICS features a fully integrated and highly interactive application, eliminating the need for content authors to use different tools to create the lessons and simulations.

SimTutor Author is now starting to gain traction in New Zealand, and recently launched health and safety training simulations for a major aged care organisation.

The quick response Covid-19 training content was created for the company’s health professionals across the country so that work could continue at Covid alert levels two and three, and has been utilised by 5,000 users.

A recent upgrade to the SimTutor Author platform now supports 360-degree media, allowing students to view things in 3D for an immersive learning experience.

By Jo Lo
Jo Lo

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Jo Lo

Jo is a digital producer at Pattern. Jo has a background in communication, and has worked as a producer and editor for organisations such as Les Mills International, Tailor, Auckland Libraries and XtraMSN/Telecom. From 2007-2009, Jo was the web editor for Taste and Metro magazines.