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Useful government apps to download

We check out what government mobile apps are currently available, and found several that are super useful, including the updated NZ Covid Tracer app now that Auckland has returned to a second lockdown...
By Jo Lo

Facebook to launch local government emergency alerts in US

Local governments in the US will be able to send emergency alerts through Facebook by the end of 2019.
By Jo Lo

Estonia works on an AI-powered government

Estonia kicks off AI-powered public service projects to prevent health and employment issues, rather than wait until her citizens ask for help.  
By Jo Lo

Will DARPA’s 10 million dollar voting machine be more secure?

DARPA’s voting machines recently tested at the world’s largest hacking convention won’t be ready for the US 2020 elections, but may be the first secure system developed.    
By Jo Lo

The world's most digitally connected countries

Nations that champion innovation, online services and digitally forward-thinking lifestyles are drawing expats from all over the world.  
By Jo Lo

Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s new HSIM portal goes live

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has recently launched its new hazardous substances inventory management (HSIM) system.    
By Jo Lo