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From pattern libraries to design systems: the benefits

A design system is not merely a style guide coupled with code snippets and a pattern library.

A system is built with a collection of reusable components that can be combined to build any number of software applications – all this guided by clear standards.

Brands that have incorporated their own systems for digital product design include Airbnb, Uber, Etsy and IBM.

According to Etsy Senior Software Engineer, Katie Sylor-Miller, "Your technical approach doesn’t matter as much as creating a living, breathing system that’s flexible, maintainable, stable, scalable, and successful in the long-term."

Former Uber Developer Experience Lead, Chris Messina, says: “Design systems provide a convenient, centralised, and evolving map of a brand’s known product territories with directional pointers to help you explore new regions."

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By Jo Lo
Jo Lo

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Jo Lo

Jo is a digital producer at Pattern. Jo has a background in communication, and has worked as a producer and editor for organisations such as Les Mills International, Tailor, Auckland Libraries and XtraMSN/Telecom. From 2007-2009, Jo was the web editor for Taste and Metro magazines.