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SimTutor releases new scenario-based planning tool

The recent enhancements for our eLearning client, SimTutor, not only makes the planning of a simulated training session a pleasure, it also speeds up the process for tutors.

SimTutor is an Auckland-based company that offers a global online learning platform for sectors with high-risk work environments such as medicine, construction, logistics and aviation, where staff are required to undergo simulated training prior to stepping into real-life work situations.

Above: SimTutor tool with the new planning view lets you visualise and create complex training scenarios.

“The planning view is useful for a host of procedures that benefit from visual planning and the need to create storyboards, then branch into complex scenarios quickly. The app can be used for boat safety, fire safety, truck driving and many other procedural training situations,” says Jamil Geor, CTO, Pattern.

As tutors plan their lessons, they can easily branch out to different scenarios, giving them visual interactions, rather than just multi-choice quiz questions.

Core benefits of the new planning view include:

  • Drag and drop functionality allowing for fast and easy visualisation of scenarios.
  • The ability to switch between planning and authoring mode at any time Automatic updates across all views when a change is made - no time wasted going back and forth.
  • SimTutor's simulated learning platform is one of a kind as it features fully integrated planning and authoring apps, eliminating the need for different tools.

To see the planning tool in action, check out the following demo.

For more information about the eLearning platform, visit SimTutor.

By Jo Lo
Jo Lo

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